Distance selling on Ebay or Amazon – Do you need to be VAT registered in another EU country?

Cross border transactions are a very complex area within the Vat legislation. It is crucial that your business is fully understands the appropriate rulings in order to be fully compliant. Selling on Ebay or Amazon or other internet sites to none vat registered buyers are where the rules differ ie. once the seller has breached the vat threshold of the relevant EU country the seller must register for vat in that country. The thresholds are triggered from €35k – €100k on an annual basis. ie. in Germany the Vat forms must be completed in the German language. Each EU country have their own complex rules which must be adhered to under the EU legislation. The services we perform are: *  Register for Vat in the relevant EU Country; *  Assess each invoice for Vat compliance in the relevant EU Country;
    *  Prepare and submit the payment or claim;

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